2013 Northern SE Inside Sablefish Quota Announcement

The 2013 NSEI Subdistrict commercial sablefish fishery annual harvest objective (AHO) is 1,002,162 round pounds. There are 78 valid Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) permits for 2013, one less than in 2012; therefore the individual equal quota share (EQS) is 12,848 round pounds (a 4% increase from the 2012 EQS of 12,342 round pounds). The AHO is based on the sablefish acceptable biological catch (ABC) with decrements made for sablefish mortality in other fisheries.
The fishery opens by regulation at 8:00 a.m., August 15, 2013 and will close at 12:00 noon November 15, 2013. Permit holders should have received a letter detailing any legal overage or underage incurred during the 2012 fishing season; 2013 personal quota shares (PQS) will be adjusted based on this amount. Permit holders who did not receive that letter should contact Kamala Carroll at (907) 747-6688.
NSEI sablefish abundance has historically been estimated with a mark-recapture project. The ABC increased 4% in 2013 (1,207,282 round pounds) relative to the 2012 ABC (1,160,674 round pounds). Total sablefish abundance decreased 7% from the last abundance estimate in 2010; the increase in 2013 ABC was due primarily to updated sablefish length, age, and maturity data used in the harvest rate calculation and biomass forecast. An F50% biological reference point (BRP) was used for calculating the 2013 ABC, resulting in a harvest rate of 7.8%. Commercial fishery catch per unit effort (CPUE) increased slightly in 2012 from 2011 levels; longline survey CPUE in round pounds per hook was stable.
2013 Survey Activities
Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) conducted a sablefish tagging event in the NSEI Subdistrict using the ADF&G vessel, R/V Medeia, from May 21–June 14, 2013. Sablefish were captured using pot gear, tagged, and released. Tagged fish will be recovered in the 2013 ADF&G longline survey, commercial, subsistence, personal use, and recreational fisheries. The resultant data will be used to calculate a biomass estimate and set the 2014 NSEI Subdistrict commercial sablefish AHO.
The 2013 ADF&G longline survey is scheduled for July 28–August 3, 2013. Data from the 2013 longline survey will be used to obtain current size, age, and sexual maturity information for the 2014 stock assessment. We are still seeking to charter a third vessel for the southern portion of our longline survey. Please contact Kristen Green at (907) 747-6688 for more information about participating in this program
For the full news release http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/static/home/news/pdfs/newsreleases/cf/293718980.pdf

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