IPHC Catch Limits Announced

The IPHC today announced the following catch limits. Presentations from throughout the week can be viewed online at: http://www.iphc.int/
AREA      2012 Catch Limit      Blue Line Recomm     2013 Catch Limit   % of Change*
2A                  989,000                       710,000                         990,000                 +0.10%
2B              7,038,000                   4,580,000                     7,038,000                    same
2C               2,624,000                   2,970,000                     2,970,000                   +13%
3A             11,918,000                   9,240,000                   11,030,000                    -7.5%
3B              5,070,000                    2,730,000                     4,290,000                   -15.4%
4A              1,567,000                         850,000                     1,330,000                   -15.2%
4B               1,869,000                         620,000                      1,450,000                   -22.4%
4C               1,107,365                          358,000                          859,000                   -22.4%
4D               1,107,365                          358,000                          859,000                   -22.4%
4E                   250,290                           135,000                          212,000                 -15.29%
TOTAL    33,540,000                   22,550,000                   31,028,000                      -7.5%

Area 2A includes sport, treaty & commercial combined in a catch sharing plan
Area 2B included sport & commercial combined in catch limits
Area 2C used GHL for the charter removals before setting the catch limit
Area 3A used GHL for the charter removals before setting the catch limit
* % of change is 2012 catch limits compared to 2013 catch limit

The Commission set the starting date for March 23 to November 7, 2013. The Conference Board (CB) recommended a start date of March 16 after earlier dates failed to pass. The Processor Advisory Group (PAG) recommended a later starting date of March 30th and closing on October 31st. The PAG recommended the later opening date because there are high levels of frozen inventory from 2011 and 2012. This unsold inventory is not just from the processors but distributors and retailers.

AREA 2C/3A Sport Fishing Regulations:
Maintain the current regulations of the reverse slot limit allowing the retention of one fish, ≤45 inches or ≥68 inches in length, with head on in Area 2C.  In addition, as in the past, if the halibut was filleted the entire carcass must be retained on board the vessel until all fillets are offloaded. Likewise the conference board recommends maintaining existing guided sport management measures in Area 3A (two fish bag limit, no size restriction; harvest allowed by skipper and crew).

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