IPHC Staff Recommendation for 2013

The IPHC Staff announced their 2013 recommended catch limits in a web seminar. While they presented their recommendations in a table that shows a range and the risk and benefit factors for the different levels in the range. The following limits are the equivalent to past years recommendations and the baseline recommendation of the scientists.  This shows up in the IPHC Chart as the BLUE LINE

The coastwide fishery goes from 33.8 Mlbs in 2011 DOWN to 22.7 Mlbs recommendation for 2013. (Table in Millions of LBS)

AREA          2013          2012
2A                0.71            1.15
2B                 4.58            6.63
2C                 3.12            3.21
3A                9.24          11.92
3B                 2.73          5.07
4A                0.85          1.57
4B                0.62           1.87
4CDE          0.85           2.47

Total        22.70        33.80Mlbs

The various presentations given today can be viewed at http://www.iphc.int/meetings-and-events/interim-meeting.html

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