Pot Shrimp Survey Charter Bid Packets Available from ADFG


Juneau. . . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that bid packets are available in

Douglas, Petersburg, Sitka, and Ketchikan offices to conduct a pot survey to assess stocks of spot and

coonstripe shrimp populations in Districts 3, 7, 12, and 13 of Southeast Alaska. Details of the survey

including a work summary, and minimum qualifications follow. Bid packets are due in the Douglas office

by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday May 2, 2007. The contract will be awarded by May 15 to the lowest

qualifying bidder, after a 5 percent Alaska bidder’s preference is applied.


The primary purpose of this work is to obtain a pre-season index of abundance for spot shrimp in some

productive fishing areas in Districts 3, 7, 12, and 13 of Southeast Alaska. Survey work will be conducted

for 16 pulling days, in 4 areas with running time between areas, several crew swaps, and gear pickups and

drop offs before and after the survey. Six research sets of 10 longlined pots each will be pulled daily.

Except in District 7, an additional cost recovery/exploratory set of 10 longlined vessel pots may be made

daily, with a maximum of 4 per area. Pots will be set beginning the afternoon of Tuesday, September 4,

2007 and the final day of pulling pots for the trip will be Thursday, September 26. The vessel must be

capable of housing three ADF&G biologists in addition to the vessels minimum crew of 3. Because

shrimp captured will be retained for cost-recovery, the vessel must be capable of processing and freezing

shrimp onboard and the contractor must possess all of the licenses and certifications required to do so.

All marketable shrimp caught during the trip will be the property of the contractor however must be

recorded on the department’s gear card.


The contractor must have commercial experience fishing for shrimp with pots in Southeast

Alaska as documented by fish ticket landings.

Vessel must be at least 50 ft in overall length and capable of processing and freezing shrimp.

Deck must have 50 square feet of sheltered area for shrimp sampling, and a sheltered marine


Operational DGPS, 24-mile radar, color video sounder, and VHF are required.

The winning bidder may be required to make the vessel available for inspection in Juneau,

Ketchikan, Petersburg or Sitka between May 15 and May 30, 2007.

Pot shrimp charter bid packets page 2 of 2 April 10, 2007 The contractor will be responsible for all catching, processing, and marketing all shrimp caught

during the charter and must have all the appropriate licenses to do so.

The contractor will provide a minimum of three crew (skipper + 2 deckhands).

The contractor must have a letter certifying USCG inspection within the prior 12 months and all

U.S. Coast Guard required safety equipment.

The contractor will provide all bait. The baiting protocol for each pot is 1 pint chopped herring

and hanging bait of 1/3 a chum salmon, per pot.

The contractor will furnish all fuel, lubricants, and filters, and at least three meals per day for the

vessel crew and scientific staff.

The contractor will provide all gear for a longlined set of 10 shrimp pots of their choice for the

daily cost-recovery set.

The department will provide the survey pots, bait jars, and bait hangers, ground line marked at

10-fathom intervals, buoy-line, and numbered buoys during survey work.

The contractor will be responsible for setting and retrieving longlined shrimp pot gear.

Vessel must have bunk space for at least three ADF&G biologists and the vessel’s own minimum

required crew of three, including the vessel captain.

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