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The Board of Fish started deliberating on some of the proposals that they discussed in the committee of the whole. According to my notes here are the actions that have been taken so far.

Proposal #210: AMENDED to(summarized language): A person sport-fishing from a charter vessel when releasing a non-pelagic rockfish shall immediately utilize a deep water release mechanism to return the rockfish to the bottom near where the fish was hooked or to at least a 100 feet in depth whichever is shallower. PASSED 7/0/0

Proposal #211: No Action based on #210

Proposal #212: Change the rockfish allocation from 16% sport/84% commercial to 25% sport/75% commercial. FAILED 0/6/1 after an attempt to amend to a 20/80% split failed for a lack of a second.

Proposal #216: AMENDED: Proposal was originally to repeal the annual limit. Proposal was amended to read: Non-resident bag limit is 4 fish, 4 in possession, no size limit except, in that portion of NSEI waters identified as Chatham Strait, North of Point Gardner an 8 fish annual limit will apply. Amended motion PASSED 6/1/0. It was clarified that Lynn Canal and Icy Straits is not part of Chatham Strait but there is not clarity on the upper boundary of Chatham Strait.

Proposal #217: AMENDED: Lingcod allocation guidelines for Eastern Gulf of Alaska Area. Believe the proposal was amended to take out the reference to increasing the GHR by 20,000 pounds. The proposal as written would reallocate the lingcod quota in the Icy Bay sub-district between the directed lingcod fishery 46%; longline bycatch 10%; and salmon troll bycatch 10%; maintaining the sport quota at the current 33.33% PASSED 7/0/0 (need to double check the final record on this proposal.

Proposal #219, 220, 221, 222 all FAILED 0/7/0 and all were proposals to either increase the GHR or reallocate lingcod.

More Deliberations in the morning and then they are hoping by afternoon to start committees.

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