IPHC Announces 2012 Catch Limits and Season Dates

The IPHC made the following decisions on Friday Jan. 27th, 2012 concerning the 2012 Halibut season dates and catch limits.
2Aa 0.989
2Bb, includes sport 7.038
2C 2.624
3A 11.918
3B 5.070
4A 1.567
4B 1.869
4CDEc 2.465
Total 33.540
a Includes sport, tribal, and commercial fisheries.
b Includes sport and commercial fisheries.
c Individual catch limits for Areas 4C, 4D, and 4E are determined by the NPFMC catch sharing plan.

Season dates March 17th to October 31st. The earlier date is basically to give staff more time to develop catch limit recommendations and have all the information to work with.

Reverse slot limit for Area 2C halibut charter fleet was adopted (under 45 – over 68) Council also adopted a plan to include wastage and careful release education

The Conference Board, Processor Advisory Group and Staff presentations are all posted HERE: The conference board made at least five motions regarding by-catch, The Canadians supported with US opposing a motion that would designate Area 3A an area of concern which would drop the harvest rate resulting in a catch limit of 6.95 million pounds. The CB also voted in support again of last years proposal to investigate the use of tags for accounting of all non-commercial removals.

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