King and Tanner Task Force

The King and Tanner Task Force (KTTF) met by teleconference on January 12, 2012 prior to the Board of Fish meetings. At this meeting they discussed membership of the task force, board of fish proposals and the Board of Fish charge which was presented to the Board. The Board adopted the new charge which will replace the charge adopted in 2001.

Charge to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Southeast Alaska King and Tanner Crab Task Force

The Southeast Alaska King and Tanner Crab Task Force (KTTF) is an advisory industry group that meets annually with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) to exchange information on Southeast Alaska commercial king and Tanner crab fisheries. The Alaska Board of Fisheries (Board) directs ADF&G and KTTF to work together collaboratively for the following purposes:
Evaluation and design of research plans;
Stock assessment and survey design;
Fishery data collection;
Management issues of mutual concern;
Long-term management plans and goals.

Additionally, the KTTF and ADF&G will work together toward achieving consensus on king and Tanner management proposals for the board.

The king and Tanner crab fisheries and associated regulations should be compatible with a vision for the sustainable management of the Southeast Alaska crab fisheries, outlined as follows:
Abundance based management by area with preseason GHLs, incorporating information about all stock segments;
Survey and stock assessment protocols in place that are understood by stakeholders;
In-season management targeting specific area GHLs;
Follow the policies set out in the Board’s king and Tanner crab policy;
Maintain the concurrent Tanner and golden king crab fisheries.

Click KTTF Meeting 1.12.12 for a copy of the meeting notes submitted to the Board of Fish for the Jan 12, 2012 teleconference

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