West Behm Canal Seine Sac Roe Herring Fishery

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today the forecasted mature biomass for the 2012 West Behm Canal sac roe herring fishery is 7,915 tons. This allows for a 10.6% harvest rate for a total GHL of 842 tons. By regulation (5 AAC 27.160), 10 percent of the GHL is allocated to the bait pound fishery on an annual basis. Therefore, the GHL for the 2012 West Behm Canal sac roe fishery is 758 tons. The forecast indicates that the spawning stock will consist of 28% age-3, 28% age-4, 34% age-5, 5% age-6, 4% age-7, and 2% age-8 and older herring. In January 2006, the board adopted regulatory language that divides the guideline harvest level by the maximum number of CFEC permits eligible to be fished in the fishery, 5 AAC 27.197(a)(2). There are currently 48 southeast sac roe seine permits eligible to fish. With a guideline harvest level of 758 tons this allows for 15.8 tons per permit.

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