IPHC Staff Recommendations for 2012

IPHC staff recommendations for 2012 were presented today on a webinar.
2A 989,000
2B 6,633,000
2C 2,624,000
3A 11,918,000
3B 5,070,000
4A 1,567,000
4B 1,869,,000
4CDE 2,465,000
TOTAL 33,135,000

This is a recommendation of 7,935,000 pounds less than 2011 harvest limits. Staff also put on the table that they are considering major changes to the harvest rates/policy for 2013. They showed a slide that would have shown what the staff recommendations would have been with the policy changes they are considering that would be significantly less than the recommendations made.

(Area 2 B (Canada) catch limit includes all recreational harvest limits)

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