Wild Salmon High in Vitamin D that Helps Fight Cancer

The evidence for vitamin D as a powerful cancer-preventer continues to grow at a rapid rate.The results of two new data analyses indicate that high dietary intake of the “sunshine-and-seafood” vitamin can cut the risk of colon and breast cancers by 50 percent.

The Boston University team found that Wild Salmon (unspecified species) had 988 IU of vitamin D per 3.5 oz serving, which is 147 percent more than the US RDA for vitmain D (400 IU).
And Farmed Salmon had only 25 percent of the vitamin D content of Wild Salmon (245 IU).

Vitamin D in Vital Choice fish*
(3.5 oz servings)
International Units (IU)
Sockeye Salmon 687
Albacore Tuna  544
Silver Salmon 430
King Salmon 236
Sardines 222
Sablefish 169
Halibut 162
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