Yakutat Commercial, Subsistence and Set Gillnet Announcement

The Alaska Dept of Fish and Game announced a meeting today today to discuss the Situk-Ahrnklin Inlet Subsistence and commercial gillnet salmon fisheries on May 10 at 7:00 pm in the Yakutat High School auditorium.

The preseason projection for Chinook salmon through the Situk weir is very low. According to the Situk management plan this low projection has serious implications for both subsistence and commercial salmon harvest in the Situk-Ahrnklin Inlet fisheries. The meeting is being called to discuss options to allow for subsistence and commercial harvest of sockeye salmon while establishing conservation measures for Chinook salmon. The Situk-Ahrnklin Inlet fisheries are of vital concern to the community of Yakutat, and the public is urged to attend this meeting.

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