Regional Planning Team

The agenda for the Regional Planning Team meeting was just released. They will be meeting in Juneau in the Hickel room of Centennial Hall on Wed. April 6th at 9:00 am.

The following items will be considered during the meeting:
1.) Par for NSRAA to increase permitted capacity of Medvejie Hatchery by 10 million chum salmon eggs, 2.) Par by Kake Native Fisheries Corp (KNFC to change permitted capacity of Gunnuk Creek Hatchery to 65 million chum salmon eggs and 20 million pink salmon eggs from their current permit which reads 65 million chum and/or pink salmon eggs of which no more than 20 million are pink salmon eggs. 3) PAR from KNFC to change permitted capacity of Gunnuk Creek Hatchery to 500,000 coho salmon eggs from 250,000 current permit. 4.) review most recent salmon enhancement allocation data.  In addition the RPT may discuss allocation proposals for the Board of Fish, a proposed transfer of Chinook Salmon eggs from Medvejie to Port Saint Nicholas Hatchery, the SSRAA coho salmon program and a draft basic management plan for Baranof Warm Springs Hatchery and other topics as brought forth.

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