Herring Gillnet Sac Roe 2011 Fishery Quotas Announced

ADFG announced the following quotas for herring gillnet sac roe fishery for 2011 today (Feb. 24, 2011).
Seymour GHL of 835 tons.
Hobart Bay/Port Houghton (Dist. 10) no fishery
Kah Shakes/Cat Island – no fishery
West Behm (Section 1-E) – The GHL has been revised to 1,276 tons. The West Behm Canal fishery by regulation requires a 2-1/4″ minimum mesh size. SEAFA submitted an emergency petition to the Board of Fish that will be considered at the current Cook Inlet Board of Fish meeting and the Dept will announce the Board’s decision during the first week of March.
ADFG expects the Southeast Alaska Sac Roe Herring Management Plan in March.

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