IPHC Announces 2011 Halibut Catch Limits

The IPHC has now posted the results of their meeting on their website at http://www.iphc.int/

On Friday January 28th at the conclusion of the week long IPHC meeting and announced the following.
In area 2A 0.91
In area 2B 7.65 Remember the 2B catch limit includes all recreational removals.

In area 2C      2.33
In area 3A      14.36
In area 3 B       7.51
In area 4A       2.41
In area 4B       2.18
In area 4CDE   3.72

The Commission went with staff recommendations and the biology. Commissioners spoke to the economic hardship that they recognized the fishermen in area 2C will be facing.

The season opening date will be March 12th at 12:00 am and the closing date will be November 18th at 12 noon.

The Commission took the following action to keep the halibut charter sector to their GHL allocation by the adoption of a 37″ maximum size limit in IPHC regulatory area 2C (Southeast Alaska).  (equates to approx.  22 lb fish/ 17lb dressed fish)

Staff was directed to look at: 

A range of size limits for the commercial fishery:

To develop a regulatory proposal for  the use of jaw tags for accounting puposes; and

Have the bycatch project team led by the Commission chair and vice chair to look at the amount of bycatch, better understanding of impacts of bycatch, options to reduce the bycatch, and options to mitigate the effect of bycatch taken in one area to another area.

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