More State Legislation Introduced

Several more bills introduced regarding fishery issues:
HB 99 introduced by Rep. Miller, Kawasaki, Kerttula is “An act relating to labeling of farmed fish and genetically modified fish.”

HB 100 introduced by Reps. Kawasaki, Miller & Kerttula is “An Act prohibiting growing or cultivating genetically modified fish in the state.”

HB 102 introduced by the House Rules Committee by the Request of the Governor is “An Act suspending the motor fuel tax.”

HJR 8 introduced by Kawasaki, Miller & Peggy Wilson is a resolution “Urging the United States Food and Drug Administration to deny an application to sell genetically engineered salmon in the United States; urging compliance with the provision of P.L. 110-85 (FDA Amendments Act of 2007) that requires the Commissioner of Food & Drugs to consult with the National Marine Fisheries Service of the NOAA regarding a report on environmental risks associated with genetically engineered seafood products; and urging that product labeling requirements include the words “Genetically Modified” prominently displayed on the front of the package if the application is approved by the United States FDA.

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