West Behm Canal Herring Quota Announced for 2011 Set Gillnet Fishery

ADFG announced Nov 5th that the preseason harvest forecast for West Behm Canal in 2011 of 8.61 tons. In accordance with the 1-E 7 1-F sac roe herring management plans [5 AAC 27.197] which allows for alternating years of set gillnet and purse seine fisheries has the 2011 fishing year will be opened for set gillnet fishery. (Remember in 2004 based on in-season observations the fishery did not open). Mesh size for the West Behm Canal fishery is 2-1/4″ and 50 fms long except 2 permit holders onboard under 5AAC 27.131 may fish a 75 fm long net.There will be closed areas near Ketchikan including Naha Bay, Clover Pass, and Tongass narrows creating a sanctuary for a significant portion of the spawning herring stock.

For additional information view the news release


and check out the regulations developed at the 2003 Board of Fish meeting for the West Behm Canal area.

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