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Herring Gillnet Sac Roe 2011 Fishery Quotas Announced

ADFG announced the following quotas for herring gillnet sac roe fishery for 2011 today (Feb. 24, 2011). Seymour GHL of 835 tons. Hobart Bay/Port Houghton (Dist. 10) no fishery Kah Shakes/Cat Island – no fishery West Behm (Section 1-E) – The GHL has been revised to 1,276 tons. The West Behm Canal fishery by regulation […]

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Jeff Regnart Appointed Director of Commercial Fisheries Division

Feb. 17, 2011 Jeff Regnart was appointed as Director of the Division of Commercial Fisheries starting today. He was teh regional supervisor position within the Division of Commercial Fisheries, Central Region. During his career, Regnart has held diverse and increasingly complex positions within the Dept, in addition to serving on numerous fishery panels and forums. […]

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AOOS, in partnership with the Marine Exchange of Alaska, is developing a program to stream weather and seas information through the AIS (Automated Identification System) used by many vessels. To ensure the program meets user needs, we are surveying the boating community on how to improve the dissemination of weather information to Alaska mariners. The […]

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     Here are the documents for the shrimp task force meeting on Tuesday February 8th, 2011 at 9:00 am to Noon.      Task Force members and interested participants can attend teh meeting at the ADFG offices in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Douglas, Haines and Sitka or by teleconference if you live in an outlying community. Please […]

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IPHC Announces 2011 Halibut Catch Limits

The IPHC has now posted the results of their meeting on their website at On Friday January 28th at the conclusion of the week long IPHC meeting and announced the following. In area 2A 0.91 In area 2B 7.65 Remember the 2B catch limit includes all recreational removals. In area 2C      2.33 In area […]

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More State Legislation Introduced

Several more bills introduced regarding fishery issues: HB 99 introduced by Rep. Miller, Kawasaki, Kerttula is “An act relating to labeling of farmed fish and genetically modified fish.” HB 100 introduced by Reps. Kawasaki, Miller & Kerttula is “An Act prohibiting growing or cultivating genetically modified fish in the state.” HB 102 introduced by the […]

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Sport Fishing Guide License Revoked and Jail imposed for Illegal Acts

On Jan 19th AK Dept of Public Safety issued a press release regarding Arthur Aho of Ninilchik, a halibut sport fishing guide who was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 80 suspended, a $5K fine, 40 hours community service and a prohibition for two years against purchasing a new sport fish guide license. He was […]

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2nd Batch of Pre-Filed State Legislation

In the second batch of pre-filed bills only 2 pieces of legislation are fishery related. HB 85 “An Act requiring the Department of Environmental Conservation to collect and make available to the public certain information relating to water pollution; prohibiting certain mixing zones in freshwater spawning waters; and requiring a public comment period for certain […]

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Alaska Lodge Guilty of Sale of Sport Fish

State of Alaska Dept of Public Safety issued a press release on Jan 13, 2011 stating that Doc Warner’s Lodge received a sentence today for feeding sport caught fish as part of the paid package during their stay. Employees admitted that fish fed to clients was sport caught by other clients and/or employees. Press release: […]

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Pre-filed State Legislation

Following below is a summary of legislation affecting commercial fishing or fish and game resources that was introduced in the first set of pre-filed legislation on January 7th. 104 bill were pre-filed.  In some instances we summarized the information and in other instances we used the language contained in the legislation.  You can access any legislation […]

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